You can use any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to communicate with anyone using the Internet-based Relay (IP Relay) service! This service is designed for people who are Deaf, Hard or Hearing, DeafBlind or those with a Speech Disability. The relay operator reads out loud your message to the other party and types whatever the relay operator hears/understands including any background noises to you.

Features & Benefits

  • Save your conversation
  • Choose language preference (English, Spanish)
  • Ability to make Spanish language relay calls
  • Ability to make Two-line Voice Carry Over (VCO) calls (download instructions)
  • Ability to make Two-line Hearing Carry Over (HCO) calls ​(download instructions)
  • Change font size/colors and background colors
  • Ability to manage typing transmission speed
  • Ability to receive Text Mail when you are not available to answer IP Relay call
  • Live online chat with Accessibility Care
  • Make 911 emergency calls

T-Mobile IP Relay via Online

T-Mobile IP Relay is an internet-based relay service that makes communicating easier than ever computer or tablet. It’s easy using one window for dialing directions, call setup, and your conversation. Talk as long as you’d like and no charge for long distance calls in the US. Available in US territories only.

T-Mobile IP Relay

Helpful Instructions (PDF):

T-Mobile IP Relay Mobile App

T-Mobile IP Relay mobile app enables users to use IP Relay on their smartphone!

The app is available on:

  • Android OS with 6.0 or higher
  • iOS (iPhone) with 11.0 or higher

The app is free and available for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and people with speech disabilities to communicate using text on mobile wireless devices.

Helpful Instructions for iOS & Android (PDF):

T-Mobile IP Relay Two-Line Hearing Carry-Over (2-Line HCO)

T-Mobile IP Relay’s Two-Line Hearing Carry-Over allows a person with a speech disability to listen and type their conversation while the Relay Operator reads aloud to the other party.

Helpful Instructions (PDF):

T-Mobile IP Relay Two-Line Voice Carry-Over (2-Line VCO)

T-Mobile IP Relay’s Two-Line Voice Carry-Over allows a person with a hearing loss to read and speak directly to the other party while the Relay Operator types what is heard.

Helpful Instructions (PDF):